University Life

As an English student, there are a few things that have occurred to me in my 17 weeks of learning. By the way, I only have three weeks left of my first year which is the first issue. They clearly do not know how to count. How can they call it a year when only…Read more University Life

Dear Dudes and Dudettes

Dear Friends, ok so it is time to admit it. I have not been paying as much attention to my blog as I normally do and it isn't only because I am pursuing my interest in spraypaintart. Like a true English student, I have tried to analyse why my interest in my lovely blog has…Read more Dear Dudes and Dudettes

Equality’s Enigma

There are problems with equality. Not in the sense that it should not be something we aspire to but in the way people interpet it to mean different things. Whilst some political ideologies such as conservatism accept the natural hierarchical nature of society, others seek to promote equality simply because it is more 'fair'. I…Read more Equality’s Enigma

The Murky World Of The Minimum Wage

The current job market has caused the oppression of teenagers in the workforce. While it is claimed worker's rights are protected, employees take advantage of the desperation of many in order to make more profit. The obvious issue of contention is wages. For a long time, I have seen the minimum wage as a great law…Read more The Murky World Of The Minimum Wage

Rearranging The Cabinet

Today, the Prime Minister has made teachers in the UK happy. As we speak, they are probably celebrating with as much excitement as the Wizarding Community did when Voldermort was killed. Why? Well today it was announced that the Minister of Education Michael Gove has been moved demoted/sacked/tactically shifted from his position to the Chief…Read more Rearranging The Cabinet

Studying Political Ideologies

One of the great things about studying political ideologies is that you develop the ability to discuss ideas in a calm, logical and open-minded way rather than to simply react with "Oh that is so silly!" One of the bad things about studying political ideologies is that there are exams. Although, they are easier to…Read more Studying Political Ideologies