Blog Header Service!

If you vist the ART page on my blog, you will find out what this is all about. Here is the one I did for Daniel's blog: A question, how much would you be willing to pay for something like this? Whether it is for your blog or your name or someone else's as a…Read more Blog Header Service!

What Am I Talking About?

Where one may have made you tear, it may have bored another to death. Where one may have appeared tremendously exciting, it may have frightened away a person's sleep. Where one may have thrilled you to your core, it may have dulled another's life. Where one may have made you laugh gloriously, another may have…Read more What Am I Talking About?

Life In The Library

There goes the printer again, Shattering the silence of focussed brains With its machine gun chatter And faulty mechanisms Childish giggles are happily embraced In fits which threaten to create anarchy As desperate minds seek an escape From their revision malarkey. Chuckles spread as the startled  student stands back. Arms raised in innocence, Blushing red…Read more Life In The Library