They glide like ghosts In the morning mist Exhaling their way through the streets Creeping up on you Catching you unaware Spinning and weaving their magic As they rattle your mind It's like you're in a video game And they, the reckless characters Who seem to do with everything with such ease But their…Read more Ghosts

Riding Strange

Riding the train to Osterley, The cuffs of my shirt dig in, Unsettled and weary of the Unnatural position I was in.   This strange crisp shirt, This odd little tie, These awkward lapels, These ankle biting shoes.   It was all very strange for me. Was I wearing it right? Did I look the…Read more Riding Strange

Life In The Library

There goes the printer again, Shattering the silence of focussed brains With its machine gun chatter And faulty mechanisms Childish giggles are happily embraced In fits which threaten to create anarchy As desperate minds seek an escape From their revision malarkey. Chuckles spread as the startled  student stands back. Arms raised in innocence, Blushing red…Read more Life In The Library