Agadir Day 2

After an early start,  we headed off to Paradise Valley. Enjoy some of these photos before the full details,  photos and videos are uploaded once I am back home.  Until Next Time A Worried Student


He had to do it again.  This was the worst part of the job. As a young child, he had hated school assemblies and even now,  whenever he would see his son standing on stage, his eyes would tear up. Never mind the fact his eight year old voice would squeak throughout the hall,  sounding…Read more Breathe

Competition Winner Announcement!

Congratulations to Wisegrannie for winning the 3000 Followers competition! Well actually hold up a minute people, there was actually a dismal turnout and it made me feel like one of the politician's in the election campaign. Attempts to garner a response simply failed. Of course those of you who aren't from the UK are excused…Read more Competition Winner Announcement!