Equality’s Enigma

There are problems with equality. Not in the sense that it should not be something we aspire to but in the way people interpet it to mean different things. Whilst some political ideologies such as conservatism accept the natural hierarchical nature of society, others seek to promote equality simply because it is more 'fair'. I…Read more Equality’s Enigma

The Value Of A Human Life

You would think that by virtue of being human, every person's life is worth the same. That if one person was to be murdered on one side of the world and another on the other, then the significance is the same. Yet it is clear that this is not the case. We read on the…Read more The Value Of A Human Life

Studying Political Ideologies

One of the great things about studying political ideologies is that you develop the ability to discuss ideas in a calm, logical and open-minded way rather than to simply react with "Oh that is so silly!" One of the bad things about studying political ideologies is that there are exams. Although, they are easier to…Read more Studying Political Ideologies

Should Google Forget?

You may have read in the news recently that the European Courts Of Justice have ruled that people should be allowed to ask Google to 'forget them.' This means deleting links to information an individual does not want to be associated with that is considered 'irrelevant' and 'outdated.' The is actually an interesting issue for…Read more Should Google Forget?