You Ain’t Having My Time!

A call comes from one of your community leaders informing you that there will be a meeting to create a new local group on Saturday evening and that you are invited to attend. Politely, you reply that you will try your best but as you put the phone down, you smile to yourself knowing that…Read more You Ain’t Having My Time!

How Much For Some Coke?

Central London is a bit like Istanbul. Oh don't be silly you say, there's no way the two cities can be compared when on one side you have stunning, glorious, breathtaking ancient architecture and the sparkling Bosphorous whilst on the other there are simply glass buildings with lights glinting on the top at night and…Read more How Much For Some Coke?

Budgeting Woes Are Turning My 18 Year Old Hairs White!

Sometimes budgeting can be stressful. Especially when you are uncertain about a few things in your life such as whether you want to continue working in the same financially unrewarding job that you have been for the past two years. For me, budgeting is not optional but a necessity due to the fact I have…Read more Budgeting Woes Are Turning My 18 Year Old Hairs White!