My Assignment @ On Assignment

I'm not new to the work experience scene but the first morning is always nerve-wracking. It is the little questions that bother us young eager to please work experience students. What should I wear? Am I overdressed? Am I under dressed?  I am two minutes late, is that bad? How are the people there? Of…Read more My Assignment @ On Assignment

Please Don’t Be Scared

There aren't many people like me, On the train. In my religious garbs And my Kofi cap. I saw your darting eyes And I tried to appear less frightening, I flattened my backpack I plastered a small smile on my face Even though it was a Monday morning. But as I sat down, Your eyes…Read more Please Don’t Be Scared

Challenging The Nonsense

You may have read in the news lately about¬†allegations against schools in Birmingham (UK) which claim that there was a coordinated plot by extremist Muslims to take over the schools. Whilst headlines have blared words such as 'extremist,' 'takeover' and of course 'Muslims,' just stop for a moment and think about how impossible such a…Read more Challenging The Nonsense