Students Need Your Help!

A lovely day right? Well it was quite grey but the clouds have parted which is good as the plan is to visit the Olympic Park in Stratford. Please, hold your horses, the Olympics didn't benefit the locals so much so I am not that excited. This park will be the first advantage to the…Read more Students Need Your Help!

What to do about those dreadful fees?

This problem is exacerbated for people like me who will be paying the fees up front. Why? The answer is that as a Muslim, I cannot deal with interest, whether this is receiving interest money or giving it as interest is forbidden due to the way it preys on the weaknesses of the poor while…Read more What to do about those dreadful fees?


I hear someone laughing. I can hear them from my bedroom as I sit on my Manchester United duvet covers while they chuckle at the absurdity of this teenager worrying about money. “Problems? Bah, you will know problems when you come to my age son. For now you can stick to worrying about fashion and…Read more Age..ism?