A Conversation

So what have you been doing with your reading week Mister? Umm... Yes, that's exactly what I thought. Lazy university students begging for a reading week after only five weeks of learning in which you only have eight contact hours! Yes well there's a lot to read. Pah! Nonsense, no one actually reads in their…Read more A Conversation

Why You Really Should NOT KIDNAP Me

I have no idea why this topic came into my head but I thought it would make a funny post. Perhaps it has something to do with binge watching the TV show Elementary. It is the American take on a modern day Sherlock Holmes for those of you don't know. I have of course already…Read more Why You Really Should NOT KIDNAP Me

Black Friday Tuition Fees Offer

Dear University, I am contacting you with regards to a matter of utmost importance, significance and urgency. It is a question which has largely been forgotten today, drowned by the hordes of masses who have swarmed in the early hours of the morning to the hub of electrical devices and discounts. So, the question is:…Read more Black Friday Tuition Fees Offer