Dabbling In Art Is Expensive

I went to the shop on Monday and splurged on art supplies so I have been busy testing things out since then. By no means am I an artist as I have no knowledge about painting or such things but I certainly would like to learn. There is one obstacle though. If you want to…Read more Dabbling In Art Is Expensive

The Great Subject Battle

English students like me and those involved in the arts will be glad to hear that critical reading has been proven to increase brain activity in a similar way to mathematicians claim solving equations do. This means that we finally have a nice retort to give to those ridiculous questions such as why are you…Read more The Great Subject Battle

The Humanities vs The Rest

It is quite reasonable to demand value for money right? This post was inspired by another that I read which was describing why humanities students are silly to complain that they do not have as much contact hours during their degree as other subjects. Well, they have every right to complain I say. However, perhaps…Read more The Humanities vs The Rest