The Instagram Life

Social media versus blogging. Is there a divide? Do bloggers look down at social media and regard those platforms as simply not serious enough? I'm not too sure but all I know is I have been enjoying slowly building up my Instagram profile over the past few days. As a photographer and videographer, I had…Read more The Instagram Life

You’re Next! 

Over the past week, I have had this phrase hurled, flung, smirked, and smiled at me. You're next! They say mischievously and alas, events have proven to show that to some extent this statement is now true. My second eldest brother's wedding took place over the weekend and as the whole family inhales, taking a…Read more You’re Next! 

Where do we go from here?

When I first received my letter of rejection from Oxford University, my future began to crumble beneath my feet. The second time I thought about it, the same thing happened, and the third and the fourth. It was only when I finally began to accept that I could no longer do anything about it that…Read more Where do we go from here?

How worried do you need to be about College?

This is the time of year in England when students taking GCSEs begin to worry about the transition from secondary school to college. Actually, I may be getting ahead of myself there as they are probably more worried about their exams at the moment. Anyway, it is sure to be on their minds and it…Read more How worried do you need to be about College?

Dear elders, you have failed us.

It is like we have been dealt the worst hand. First, the recession causes doom and gloom to abound and then a government comes in that wants to shrink spending, squeeze it until there is nothing left. I do understand the reasoning behind this but education is far more important than winning the next election.…Read more Dear elders, you have failed us.

The Importance Of Aspirations And Dreams

Dreams are important. Not the scary, exciting or ahm x-rated dreams that you encounter as you drift off to sleep but the dreams and aspirations you have about your future. Well, night-time dreams are also important but that is another topic altogether. I particularly love the quote: The greater danger for most of us lies…Read more The Importance Of Aspirations And Dreams