Should Google Forget?

You may have read in the news recently that the European Courts Of Justice have ruled that people should be allowed to ask Google to 'forget them.' This means deleting links to information an individual does not want to be associated with that is considered 'irrelevant' and 'outdated.' The is actually an interesting issue for…Read more Should Google Forget?

First Times

Those of us who have entered the working world, be it part time or full time, have all experienced the thrilling rush of that burst of newfound financial freedom. How did you react to it? I remember when I first began working nearly two years ago, the first paycheck seemed like such a huge amount…Read more First Times

Freedom Of Education Or Freedom From Education?

 If we are individually free, why has education become such a burden upon us? Let us take the view of those who support positive freedom for that is what is being promoted through education. Compulsory education is supported by modern liberals as although it is a constraint on individual liberty, it leads to greater freedom…Read more Freedom Of Education Or Freedom From Education?