Favourite Movie Discussion Time!

Ok let me get straight to the point of this post. I want your favourite movies. As I currently have a bit of time on my hands, I have been researching which movies are worth watching. I am quite fussy like that as I cannot watch something that I simply stumble across without knowing the…Read more Favourite Movie Discussion Time!


As he lowered his head in gut wrenching pain, the tears began to fall upon the dry grass. They were like splashes of life on the sun-baked ground but they fell because a life had been taken. In front of him was the freshly covered grave of his father. His mind was wandering now, the…Read more Pain

The World Needs Readers, Children Need To Read

For the love of humanity, happiness, intelligence and all that is good, please encourage children to read!  Whether it is your child, sibling, nephew or cousin, you have the responsibility to introduce them to the world of books. How were you encouraged to read as a child or what difficulties have you found when trying…Read more The World Needs Readers, Children Need To Read