Gloves Didn’t Help

It is that time of year when if you manage to drag yourself out of bed at a decent time, then your journey to university is usually a crisp and cold one that gradually brightens as you get closer to your destination. The illusion of happiness is therefore created as you finally step through the…Read more Gloves Didn’t Help

A Step In The Right Direction

The UK government has released a list of employers who have been found to pay their staff below the minimum wage. Whilst you are aware of my reservations about the minimum wage, this looks like a positive step forward by the government. However, a few things would make it even better. The first is that some…Read more A Step In The Right Direction

Challenging The Nonsense

You may have read in the news lately about allegations against schools in Birmingham (UK) which claim that there was a coordinated plot by extremist Muslims to take over the schools. Whilst headlines have blared words such as 'extremist,' 'takeover' and of course 'Muslims,' just stop for a moment and think about how impossible such a…Read more Challenging The Nonsense

Dear elders, you have failed us.

It is like we have been dealt the worst hand. First, the recession causes doom and gloom to abound and then a government comes in that wants to shrink spending, squeeze it until there is nothing left. I do understand the reasoning behind this but education is far more important than winning the next election.…Read more Dear elders, you have failed us.