Thank You for Your Support

I always say that one of the nicest things about blogging is seeing those names of readers on your notifications who were in sense, with you when it all began. Of course, I don't claim to be a blog of epic proportions, worthy of offering endorsements or advertisements or such things, but what I mean…Read more Thank You for Your Support

Oh No, Reading Lists!

When first year university students are given their reading lists -  I mean after searching their uni website themselves to find them - we don't really pay much attention to them.  "Ha, read in advance? Mate they said first year is a breeze so forget that!"  This leads to the inevitable first semester of each…Read more Oh No, Reading Lists!

The Humanities vs The Rest

It is quite reasonable to demand value for money right? This post was inspired by another that I read which was describing why humanities students are silly to complain that they do not have as much contact hours during their degree as other subjects. Well, they have every right to complain I say. However, perhaps…Read more The Humanities vs The Rest

Where do we go from here?

When I first received my letter of rejection from Oxford University, my future began to crumble beneath my feet. The second time I thought about it, the same thing happened, and the third and the fourth. It was only when I finally began to accept that I could no longer do anything about it that…Read more Where do we go from here?