Politicians’ Auditions

Watching the politicians' debate on ITV today, you get the sense that you are back in school electing a new student council representative. Every question they are asked, they attempt to use it for their own agenda. It is silly, childish and quite frankly, annoying. The question was just asked about how can young people…Read more Politicians’ Auditions

Spice Up Your Walls

If you would like to order your own piece of art for just £10 (Free postage in the UK), then leave a comment below or contact me at aworriedstudentsblog@gmail.com You can order your own design as well as specify which colours you would like. Funny story: My friend informs me that his 'rep' has now…Read more Spice Up Your Walls

The Year Long Blog And Other Awesome Matters

Yesterday, the WordPress Wizard informed me that I have been blogging for one year. I remember when I first made this blog, I was preparing for my A levels and needed a platform to voice my political opinions, practise my writing as well as having a cool link to put on my CV.   Twelve…Read more The Year Long Blog And Other Awesome Matters