Sly Government

Those students who constantly bang on about university fees in the UK being £9,000 a year have now been silenced. No longer can they shout in demonstrations, protests and marches that the government is allowing universities to charge this amount, despite there being no tangible benefits to the majority of undergraduate students.  Instead, they must…Read more Sly Government

Exam Trouble

So I only have one exam left which I will be completing this Friday and then I can finally embrace the three months of freedom that awaits me. There is an issue however which will be preying on my mind for the next three days and even more if Friday's exam does not go well.…Read more Exam Trouble

Don’t Let These Things Put You Off Your Game On Exam Day

Next week, exams begin for AS students in the UK and so here are a few tips to make sure nothing messes with your Zen-like focus and concentration that you hopefully will have during the exam. Getting to the exam hall on time- You may have swaggered in to class late throughout the year but…Read more Don’t Let These Things Put You Off Your Game On Exam Day

Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

Now, since the end of secondary school, I haven't been an active participant in sports but when it comes to exams, I realise the importance of exercise. I am revising, I don't have time to exercise! This is the usual attitude during exam season as everything is pushed back after the barrier of the day…Read more Conquering The Moment When Revision Becomes Revolting

That Time Of Year Again..

When I hear people declaring that they hadn't revised during the holidays and that their exams are coming up soon, the first thought that enters my head is "why the hell didn't you!" Sorry. Perhaps they had something going on, a family matter or personal issues but those who didn't yet still remained in their…Read more That Time Of Year Again..

Striking Teachers: Love Them Or Hate Them?

Whenever a teachers' strike is announced, the government always cries out that it will damage teachers' reputations. What a joke. I say this not because as a student it means a day off-though that would have played a part when I was a child-but because it is a pathetic attempt by the government to persuade…Read more Striking Teachers: Love Them Or Hate Them?

Freedom Of Education Or Freedom From Education?

 If we are individually free, why has education become such a burden upon us? Let us take the view of those who support positive freedom for that is what is being promoted through education. Compulsory education is supported by modern liberals as although it is a constraint on individual liberty, it leads to greater freedom…Read more Freedom Of Education Or Freedom From Education?

Torturous Tuition Terrorises Teachers To-Be

I should have known but this piece of information still shocked me. I was talking to my friend as we sat eating in our lunch break, yes I was working today along with many people in Tesco, Subway and other such places which do not bother to close on Easter Sunday, or tomorrow for that…Read more Torturous Tuition Terrorises Teachers To-Be