A Year In Review

With results day done and dusted for A level students in the UK, the next day if hyperness shall be this Thursday when GCSE results are revealed. With people going from secondary school to college or from college to university, there is a year of students who are often forgotten about. It is those who…Read more A Year In Review

Don’t Ask Me About Results Day!

I'm not really sure what answer people are expecting when they ask students like myself how we are feeling about the upcoming exam results day. Sometimes the question can be easily answered with a simple reply but at times it can be tricky depending on the person. Most of the time though, it is a…Read more Don’t Ask Me About Results Day!

Do You Like To Talk Publicly?

Normally, when the teacher announces that presentations will need to be given, a collective groan rolls around the classroom like a mexican wave but would it be odd to say that I tend to secretly look forward to them? No, I am not an accomplished public speaker who charges a couple thousand pounds for a…Read more Do You Like To Talk Publicly?

Don’t Kill The Teachers! Help Them Instead

Children are not all angelic but nor are they all devilish. Quite an odd statement to make but what I am talking about here is the attitude people have towards children. As a tutor, I get to meet and hear about different types of parents. There are some who driven by the desire to make…Read more Don’t Kill The Teachers! Help Them Instead