1000 words. That is a nice daily milestone to reach when you are attempting to do four assignments in four weeks. The final weeks of university have finally hit and it is a bittersweet moment.

Two Fridays ago,  I said goodbye to the many friends I had made whilst at university. It was an emotional moment and of course, we will still bump into each other here and there over revision period. The pangs of separation however, were still sharp.

In terms of the academic aspect of university, my opinions are still very much the same. Although my modules were far more interesting in my final year, I still had merely eight hours of lectures and seminars a week, and the intensity of my degree was more or less the same until ‘coursework month.’

The intensity of coursework is evident in the fact I began writing this post on my way home from university, only to continue it a week later. However, I have been enjoying the sunny weather London has recently been basking in by taking photos wherever possible.

Here are some for you to enjoy:

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Until Next Time

A Worried Student

2 thoughts on “Photos and Essays

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it all but TULIPS! The random goat sneaking in in there made me chuckle. I was about to ask how you managed to find one of them lolling around in London but remembered what “zoos” are.

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