Last Saturday, I was happy to take part in something called London’s Community Impact Project which is a student initiative to tackle issues like homelessness. Students from universities across Central London came together to hold an event for the homeless.

The event was held above Temple Station in Central London, which aimed to provide key services for the homeless. Watch this video – which I filmed – to find out more:

14 thoughts on “London Community Impact Project

  1. What a good idea! Haircuts help make a person feel so much better about themselves, games on the sidewalk, medical help. People often forget about the problems in their own home as they focus on persons across the world. And the young man who talked about how this could be you. TRUE. So often, working in a food bank here in the states, you will see a person you knew in a different capacity. A man who used to be a well known pastor or teacher, alone and hungry because of aging and no family support. I am going to share this video on my FB page.

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