Sweeet Shop


I am the pearl of insulin upon the sliver of steel,

Clear and pungent.

I can take you back to the days when you roamed in the grass

Like a freshly emerged butterfly

Until your body refused to obey and you had to come indoors

To blood tests, syringes and Pampers.

But now, close your eyes. Touch me.

Imagine the sliver of steel away. And so, like a sweetshop filled with

Bright blue gobstoppers and electric laces,

Your future awaits.

11 thoughts on “Sweet Shop

  1. A final note: your irony with the image you selected was not, in the end, lost. I will say however, that the layers of your intent maybe too elusive, too tenuous. But, never mind. let them be as such. This piece works at the levels it should. Bravo!

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