Over the past week, I have had this phrase hurled, flung, smirked, and smiled at me. You’re next! They say mischievously and alas, events have proven to show that to some extent this statement is now true.

My second eldest brother’s wedding took place over the weekend and as the whole family inhales, taking a lungful of air that is free from the dramas of wedding planning, one fact stands abundantly clear. I’m next. 

This doesn’t mean an insane clamouring of preparation for mine, nor does it means it will happen anytime soon, it simply means I am next in line.  I can hardly pass the buck onto my younger brother who lags seven years behind me in terms of age. 

It was just funny to see how many people were so eager to tell me that I am next. Perhaps they thought I hadn’t realised or that it had slipped my mind. Maybe they thought that the plethora of English essays that I have yet to complete had distracted me from this glaring reality.

If you are the middle child, or the youngest in your family,  then I am sure you have also experienced this gleeful exclamation of ‘you’re next’ from friends and family. How did you deal with it? For me it is more a statement of fact but I guess for others it can be quite annoying! 

But anyway, speaking of English essays, let us concentrate on the present. My Friday afternoon’s lecturer opened last week’s seminar by observing how in six weeks time, his class will be the last ever seminar at King’s College London for us. What a great responsibility, I wonder if he will order pizza. 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student 

17 thoughts on “You’re Next! 

  1. Sometimes we just have to listen to our own voice put no expectations on ourselves as in all honesty we live in a society built on expectations and by the sounds of it everyone around has expectations of what you should do in your life according to traditions do what you want to do when your ready and not on anyone else’s clock

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  2. I used to just laugh and say ‘I don’t think its fair to expect anyone to have to spend their WHOLE life with me’ it was usually enough for people to laugh awkwardly and change the subject 😛

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  3. I once fell for the trap of marriage, and I am equally happy and sad to report I was terrible at it. Now I have no intention of getting married again and my friends and family are fully aware of that fact. *laughs* Whenever someone says “you just haven’t met the right person”, I tell them the right person would have better sense than to get married to me.

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