The sudden downpour

When we visited Agadir in January, we knew the weather wasn’t going to be brilliant. Yet it still came as a surprise to be greeted by a torrential downpour on the morning we were supposed to go quad biking. It was the sort of rain that I would have enjoyed standing in but it wasn’t warm, nor did I have immediate access to a shower and a change of clothes, so I decided not to. 

As we stood about wondering whether we were going to be able to do quad biking, or whether we should delay it, the taps suddenly switched off. Within a few moments, the grey skies had turned blue and off we went on our adventure.  

Post quad-biking through the sandy ‘deserty’ roads and dunes of Agadir.

More on our holiday to follow, 

A Worried Student 

8 thoughts on “Exotic Rain? 

  1. Ait Melloul (in Arabic: أيت ملول‎‎; in Berber: ⴰⵢⵜ ⵎⴻⵍⵍⵓⵍ, Ayt Mellul) is a city in Morocco. It is located in the suburban area of Agadir just south east of Inezgane, on the southern bank of the Sous River

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