WEEK 2 brief of my creative drama class: Write a scene in which one person is jealous of the other.


A Play

by Siraj Patel


TIM – Eighteen-year-old boy from East London

MARY – Eighteen-year-old girl, Tim’s girlfriend, a heavier East London accent


A classroom, there are four rows of five classrooms but it is empty save for Tim and Mary. They are sitting cross-legged atop a desk, their fingers interlocked.

TIM:                (Smiling) So go on then, tell me what you got.

MARY:           No you tell me first.

TIM:                (sighing) Ok, ok, I got accepted into UCL.

MARY:           (calmly) Ooo that’s cool. (Happily) Congratulations hun.

(Mary leans forward to kiss TIM, he does not react so she pecks him on the cheek)

TIM:                Cool? Its bloody wicked! Top three in the country for English! Ha way better                             than King’s.

MARY:              Yeah you’re right. I’m not going to King’s though

TIM:              What do you mean? I thought you loved King’s? Where else are you gonna go?                         Don’t tell me you’ve decided to go Queen Mary. Anyway I thought the plan                                was to meet up at lunch and during breaks. How are we gonna do that if you’re                        all the way in East London.

MARY:           I don’t know, especially cos it’s gonna be a longer journey to meet up now.

TIM:                What do you mean? Meet up where?

MARY:           (coyly) Well the train from St.Pancras to Oxford takes an hour.

TIM:                Huh? Are you telling me you got into Oxford!

MARY:           (stands up and waves a paper in the air triumphantly) That’s exactly what I’m telling you, you smug UCL bastard!

(TIM stares at MARY for a few seconds)

MARY:           What? Aren’t you going to say something? Not gonna congratulate me?

TIM:                (quietly) They accepted you.

MARY:           Yes!

TIM:                But they rejected me. How…how is that possible?

MARY:           (sudden chuckle) Cos they didn’t like your rude personality

(MARY gives TIM a playful punch on the shoulder)

MARY:            Now come here and give me a hug.

TIM:                (Staring at MARY for a second) Are you sure you wanna go there?

MARY:            What do you mean am I sure? It’s Oxford!

TIM:                Yeah but you know what they say, Rep isn’t the most important thing. You haven’t even visited the place except for your interview.

MARY:            Rep isn’t the most important thing? That’s what they just say to people who get into Westminster!

TIM:                But you’re gonna be so far away from me. Are you sure you want that?

MARY:            (exasperated) Of course I don’t want that. But that’s just the way it is and I’m                              not gonna give up Oxford just to see your face every day.

TIM:                Just to see my face? Wow.

MARY:            Oh be quiet. You still haven’t congratulated me. You’re meant                                                        to be proud.

TIM:                I am proud.

MARY:            Well it sure doesn’t sound like it.

TIM:                But I’m worried for you. You’re gonna be there all alone. Without anyone.

MARY:            You sound worse than my mum. Even Dad didn’t react like this.

TIM:                Oh you told them before me!

MARY:            Are you feeling ok? They were there when the letter came in the post!

TIM:                Yeah well, whatever…congrats.

MARY:            Fu…Oh just shut up! I’ll see you at lunch and if you haven’t calmed down by                       then you can forget about coming over tonight.

(MARY storms out of the classroom, slamming the door behind her. TIM leans back until he is laying down on the table.)

TIM:                (Whispers) Fucking Oxford!

(TIM picks up a board marker pen and flings it at the wall)


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