As part of King’s College London Syria Week, Students4Syria are holding a mural design competition. The aim of the competition is for students to artistically express their support for the Syrian Refugees. The end result being that the winning mural will be displayed on the walls of the Darussalaam Shelter.


So wait hold on a minute, what is Students4Syria and what is the Darussalaam Shelter?

Students4Syria is a student organisation which aims to empower students to become proactive members of society who are well informed on the Syrian civil war and are able to assist the Syrian people currently suffering due to the Syrian conflict. They have three key strands: Raising Awareness, Fundraising and Outreach. 

Students4Syria’s latest project is to raise funds for the running and support costs of a shelter for Syrian widows and orphans. This shelter is located in Saida City, southern Lebanon and will provide comprehensive physical and psychological support for its residents. More info regarding this can be found here and here.

So this art competition whilst livening up the walls of the shelter will also help raise awareness for the plight of the Syrian people. So far we have had two events this week and the stories we have been hearing are horrendous and heartbreaking.

All I ask from you is that you register your interest in this competition and start thinking about some cool designs to submit once the competition opens. It is open to all, whether you are a university student or not, young or old so please share the poster with friends, family and children.

Register at: 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student



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