Observations and Questions on Trump

A few observations on recent events

  • What happened to balances and checks on power? 
  • What happened to the fact the President of the US was bound by democracy and why does his first week have more of a sense of dictatorship?
  • The ban does not serve any practical safety purpose other than to appease Trump supporters and increase Anti-American sentiments. 
  • Trump is like the worst school teacher, the one that keeps the whole class behind just because two students were messing around
  • How far can Governors protest against this and to what extent will they be willing to do so? Can they flat out refuse to comply? 
  • How can a country the size of America be angry about a yearly intake of 112,000 refugees?
  • Can legal challenges overturn executive orders? 
  • Should people avoid travelling as tourists to America,  as a means of protest? 

So many questions, it can be difficult for people to keep their head up in times like these. It remains to be seen what the peole of America do about this. Protests, legal challenges,  boycotts,  everything will have its place. This reminds me of the hours I spent studying the civil rights movement in America. You would think that after such a movement,  a ban like this would be impossible to enforce. I sure hope that’s the case. 

A Very Worried Student

42 thoughts on “Observations and Questions on Trump

  1. Believe me, the more rational among us are very worried by this man. We did not vote for him and do not want him in charge of anything. But a very large group believed he could bring “change”, I’m just not convinced they are going to like the change he brings. Yes, some were mindless racists (and a few other unpleasant things), but sadly many were intelligent people who lost sight of the fact that the ends don’t justify the means, and change at any cost is not to be desired.

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    • I’m certainly aware that many of his supporters were rational and intelligent people. Many of them were more worried about their jobs and children yet Trump has decided to focus immediately on these small ‘bonus’ issues. I have seen videos of anti-Trump supporters and that fills me with hope, I hope the action continues and practical steps are taken to combat his rhetoric.


  2. First off, spread the word — every time you print or say his name he makes money. So try to use some other label. Drumpf is only in this to make money and expand his ego and his brand — don’t give him the chance.

    Secondly, all this ExOr stuff is to create a flurry of contention OUTSIDE of where we should be looking, which is his tons of dirty laundry. It’s a distraction. Sure some of it may stick, but most likely it will be curtailed or reversed or at least challenged for years. But what King Orange DOESN’T want is for us to be focusing on his past crimes and corruptions, his compromises and criminal activities.

    This hideous man WILL be impeached; he WILL step on so many toes that everyone will want him gone; he WILL ignite such animosity against the plutocrats and populists that the country will swing so far left in 2018 and even more in 2020 that we will never let a fascist oligarch near our country’s leadership ever again.

    At least, I hope so (grin).

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  3. We Americans are already seeing a great deal of resistance to this new regime, which is hopeful. People have commented on the drawbacks of the ‘Women’s March’ (i.e., it was a rallying cry for white women and tended to leave women of color out, it negated the ‘Million Women’s March’ from 1997 and the accomplishments of those women, etc.), but if it had only one good outcome it was mobilization. It got people (yes, the majority being white people) moving and experiencing their physical presence, physical voice, physical existence matter.
    People in the states have begun a trend of mobilizing and not just regarding the big issues. Of course, this is a huge issue, so people took to JFK Airport (http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/01/protest-jfk-airport-trump-refugee-ban-170128193014041.html). I can only hope the emotions behind the protests remain strong enough to get people out the door and voicing, embodying their dissent, and bringing about change.
    The water is certainly feeling a little warm over here–bordering on uncomfortable. We’ll see at what moment we realize it’s time to leave Nazi Germany.

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  4. From what I noticed, as a Canadian, he’s simply using the same power Obama exercised over the country, to reverse the executive orders by Obama. It takes an EO to reverse an EO. If Obama had done things legally rather than by fiat Trump couldn’t do what he’s doing.

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      • Yes he did. He has a phone and a pen. If you like your doctor. Seven countries bombed by him. You have to pass it to read it. Gruber. Didn’t salute marines.

        I haven’t seen anything from trump I disagree with. He has already improved the economy, brought jobs back and even helped Canada. You may not know, but Obama squashing the keystone pipeline really hurt Canada and put Alberta into some serious trouble. Trump has the pipeline on the table which means we get jobs too. Also, trump is opening up American resources to be self reliant, rather than funding the Saudis through oil. Oil independence is a massive global shift and will completely submit the Middle East how war never could.

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      • Yet Obama had many key policies he wanted to push through such as gun control but did not use executive powers.

        Nobody said Obama was perfect, although you omit to mention his reaction to forgetting to salute the marine. (immediately apologised, came out of the plane and shook his hand).

        I am not too informed on the pipeline but environmental factors and the effects it will have on people living there are essential, not cumbersome things to just cast aside.

        He is pro-coal yet its harping back to a dying economy. When the coal runs out, we will end up blaming him.


      • He can’t use executive orders to change the constitution. You’re conflating amendments with laws; he couldn’t rewrite the second amendment any more than he can rewrite the fifth or the nineteenth.

        You can’t prevent current necessity based on a vague future possibility. Yes coal may one day run out. Why is it a problem to use coal now, while using the time we have coal to research better efficiency and new sources of energy to replace the coal? Why does it have to be “coal will run out so we shouldn’t use it period” rather than “coal may be finite but we have X number of years so let’s use that independence and profit to help with future technology that will replace it”.

        Further it’s not just coal it’s natural gas and oil as well. And if Mexico wants to make things easier on them they’ll give America drilling rights in the gulf where there’s more oil. America has a lot of resources in her own borders beyond coal that can lead to energy independence.

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      • And yet he has used his executive order powers to impose collective punishment on seven countries.

        I think people would say because of the environmental impact and the need to look for alternatives.
        That is perhaps true, I am not well versed on America’s energy reserves.


      • Collective punishment? You do know that Canadian immigration is 100x harder than US, right? Denying people from entering a sovereign nation is not punishment. No on has a right to impose on your home. Nations that have been a threat to the US should not be allowed in. He never said permanent either. He said until we all figure out what is going on and how to properly vet people.

        Do you realize that in Switzerland, the migrants are using their government money to vacation back home from whence they “fled”?

        I’m personally surprised he only stopped seven countries. It should be the entire Middle East. If I had the power to protect my nation, it would be EVERYONE until I could make sure a proper vetting system was in place. Citizens come first.

        Do you remember how the migrant crisis came about? Christians were (are) being butchered. The refugees were supposed to be fleeing rape and murder. Do you know about the Nazarene symbol? Imagine the surprise of Christians who wanted to help fellow Christians escape genocide, that the only people coming over and being helped were Muslims. That doesn’t seem right. Christians are still being killed.

        Did you care about the 19 yazidi girls set in fire? Or the most recent sex enslavement of yazudi girls?

        When people do evil things they should be punished. And that’s not even what he is doing, he is being smart and protecting his citizenry – even those who call for his death – as he swore to do. No country or people has the right to illegally enter or invade another country.

        As for your environment argument I’ll just accept it for sake of argument. I’m not freezing and starving to death in the years it takes to develop new tech. We can use old tech and develop new. Some may even argue it’s the use of what we have that drives better and more efficient creations.


      • He has not banned those countries due to security reasons but simply to appease right wing voters. These countries have done very little in way of actually harming America and this mass hysteria and panic has been created for some of his gullible supporters. Hence why as you have pointed out, he hasn’t banned citizens from other Middle Eastern countries as he knows that would be a financial mistake.

        Yes people who do evil things should be punished but in this case those people aren’t. Instead countless ordinary people are being affected.


      • That still isn’t reason enough to allow non citizens to flood in. You can say it’s wrong, but I don’t think it’s going far enough. Seven countries is a good start: those may be the biggest source of migrants, so he’s focusing there for now.

        Have you seen what’s happening in Europe? Even in my own Canadian city? We had a terrorist plot here.

        We are dar al-harb and they are dar al-Islam. Even if most are escaping suffering, we know that enemy soldiers are coming in with them. Citizens if a sovereign nation should not be put at risk. Do you want to be Cologne and Oslo?


      • ‘Flood in’ – another word used to exaggerate the amount of people coming to the US. Also the ban has prevented family members, politicians, celebrities from visiting which is extremely ridiculous as it has negated green card holders.

        Many of these plots are conducted by actual citizens of the countries, its unfair to blame refugees for such actions, the majority of whom are fleeing the same people.


      • The numbers are a flood, there is no need to bring such huge numbers. There are other nations in at least as much trouble around the world and no one is agitating to bring them in.

        The measures are temporary until things are sorted out. I have to ask why there are people being stopped from entering, as only a few countries in the whole world are affected. If these people were over in those nations, and were coming back to the USA, why were they back in the country they were supposed to be fleeing? One doesn’t return to a war zone for vacation. (They actually do, which should make everyone ask, what is actually going on?)

        This is exactly the question Trump is asking along with the majority of the world. America hasn’t had the problems of Europe, not yet. And if Trump does what is necessary you won’t become Cologne or Oslo. Or any street in Germany. Or entire sections of France and England.

        If people actually wanted to help people in the Middle East the answer is to go over there. Not bring them here to us. Not only does it solve nothing, but it causes huge problems for our own nations.


      • 100,000 people a year isn’t a flood, when compared to the numbers other countries have taken in.
        I am referring to green card holders who want reentry. Many who have been living in the US for years and whom just so happened to be out the country when the ban was enforced.

        Sorted out is a really vague term. What exactly will be sorted out?

        The thing here is that people from the middle east don’t want to actually come here. They are forced to. They look forward to the day that their country is safe enough for them to return so they can go about rebuilding.


  5. I totally agreed.Some people in America have infatuation with the new administration-dictatorship-nazi-communist style that doesn’t represent the truly spirit of the nation.We don’t need make America great because America is already great.The Resistance movement just waked up.

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    • Yes maybe he will cause those who have abstained from the political side of things to wake up.

      Many of his supporters are ordinary decent folk, but they felt they had no alternative and this is something that needs to change as well.


    • Infatuation. That’s a great way to describe it. I’m concerned about how strongly some are defending him and seem to idolize him. I’m biding my time until I can say “I told you so” but sincerely hope I don’t get that chance. I’m very nervous right now but remaining watchful – neither optimistic or pessimistic at the moment.

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  6. What I find hilarious is kids screaming about fascism while BEHAVING like fascists.

    Beating up people for different thoughts or opinions. Fascist. Blocking legal commerce and traffic. Fascist. Demanding voting give your personal desired results rather than by the method of lawful election. Fascist. Looting and burning in an attempt to change government to personal preference. Fascist.

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    • From the protests I have seen, there doesn’t seem to be much of those violent acts. Especially the current JFK Airport protest. Also, they are not protesting the government, they are protesting against acts of the elected government that they disagree with. And that act, is entirely American.


  7. I’ve seen a lot of destruction. Go on YouTube and watch for yourself. What is being plastered everywhere is the vocal minority. A few protests may be peaceful, but even the so called peaceful ones I’ve seen recorded violence in.

    The problem is much of this protesting is based on misinformation, being uninformed and virtue signalling.


    • Be careful with the media – both social and news. They sensationalize the worst because it gains viewers. It’s a fact that the majority of the protesters are peaceful. The rioters naturally get more attention.

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      • Naturally yes, the bad apples get more attention. You are correct about that. I don’t really watch media, and don’t take part in social media. The fact that anyone en mass thinks rioting is okay is a problem however. The crowds are large, it’s not simply a few jerks. It’s entire crowds. Then there’s little things, like blocking traffic – a crime – and blocking people from movement in pedestrian areas, and blocking areas of commerce. Also shoving people and ripping up signs one doesn’t like. In Canada those are assault, I don’t know about the USA. The one I’m still pissed about is the pregnant lady who was shoved at the “women’s” march. The only place lower than that is kicking toddlers because you disagree with their parents.

        Everything that’s happening is already pre-established law that has been vetoed and ignored by fiat for eight years. There is nothing being done that is not legal. American elections are by electoral college. American law dictates no one can enter without vetting. Simply because people are ignorant of the law does not validate riots.

        While people can protest, it reminds me of when I was a teenager and all the protest against Bush. I was one of those people. It amazes me that for years the left protested against wars and war presidents. Then we had 8 years of non stop wars and bombings and new wars, but no protest. Now we have a man who has been against the wars since they started, and the left is protesting him and seem to want war.


  8. He’s like a real life version of Professor Umbridge.

    My dad voted for him. I asked him why and he said something like “He new. He has a fresh political perspective. He is a business man.” I didn’t get into any more details besides this…one step at a time. My (white) dad is not a hick, racist, or homophobe. He makes a lot of money and lives somewhat modestly. (just throwing this out there for democratic purposes lol a lot of people argue that Trump supporters are poor, ignorant, rednecks, gun-crazy)

    I wonder how for some people, the benefits to having that person as president out weigh the negatives. Some people can’t put their feet in someone else’s shoes.

    That many refuges is nothing. Idk there…maybe just the general state being in fear. From the tv shoes people watch, to living in the rat race, to not living mindfully or compassionately. All these little things add up, so we get defensive over seeing a parking space first, or being expectant of certain amenities in life.

    My mom has said that “People who come to OUR country need to learn OUR language”, implying English, of course, even though it’s not a national language. and she actually travels internationally a lot!!

    “Should people avoid travelling as tourists to America,  as a means of protest?” Yes. Though I guess, also be clear about this? In other words “I am not traveling to America because ________.” Instead of “FUCK AMERICA IM NOT GOING TO A COUNTRY FULL OF FUCKS” lol the 2nd may just add to the fire…

    There have definitely been a lot of protests, especially at college campuses.

    I don’t know where the President supporters actually are…LOL I’ve never heard anyone express verbal support, except my dad.

    On the topic of protests. I kinda see it as ironic that anti-trump folks sometimes fiercely verbalize their massive list of complaints about how stupid and ignorant and people-hating trump supporters are…but they do this in a way that is mean, ignorant, and offensive.

    It’s good to find a balance being speaking up truthfully and passionately without being a hypocrite.


  9. “they do this in a way that is mean, ignorant, and offensive”

    This is exactly how I suspected other countries would view such people in the states. It’s embarrassing. We’re not all that arrogant and puffed up with pride, indignation, and self-righteousness.

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  10. Wow! It seems that you opened up a messy can of worms with this one. I have a few thoughts and observations: 1) the ban was a poorly planned fiasco that got the response it deserved. 2) Trump is a whiny little child that cries when we don’t believe his every word. 3) This will be a messy 4 years, I hope we can survive it. 4) If my Muslim neighbors are forced to register, I will register as a Muslim to support them. I’m an Atheist, but support the free expression of all and any religion.

    As a final thought, I want to apologize to the rest of the world for Trump and his mess. We in the United States have always been told that we are the greatest country in the world. I know that is very egotistical and demonstrably wrong in many respects. But it gave us a goal, a vision to try and live up to. However, this election has proven how far we have descended from the heights of greatness that we imagined. We can now only hope that we regain some of that greatness (real or imagined) and more importantly the respect of the world that I feel we are very rapidly losing.

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    • Thank you, people like you give us all hope. However I don’t feel you need to apologise for Trump, even if his actions make you feel you must.
      Yes, and indeed from the actions of thousands of Americans protesting, there is this sense of reawakening. Additionally the recent rumours of US state staff rebelling also is another flash of hope.


  11. It is a most unfortunate situation all around, but there are glimmers of hope here and there. Your average, everyday person (regardless of who they may be) is doing their part to ameliorate the terrible damage that is being inflicted every week, and it is my fervent hope that this compassion gains traction.

    I am horrified by the extreme positions assumed by /both/ sides because nothing is accomplished when that happens. Once committed to a course of action, most people follow through in spite of any evidence against it (even if it is undeniable!), but they seem to forget that a game of chicken doesn’t have a winner if neither side moves out of the way.

    This situation is going to get a lot worse; whether it will get better is another question entirely. I certainly hope it does not.


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