“Oh bloody hell, not you lot again. You camera people. Didn’t you get my warning when we attacked your jumper on your first day here? Winter is our time, not your time. It’s meant to be quiet here, don’t you know that it is not the season for all you camera wielding people? Why are you even here? I bet it was because you managed to fly for a cheap price. That’s the problem with humans. They are always dependent on those aeroplanes. Just grow some wings and fly whenever you want. It’s not that hard.

The problem with these camera people is that they just sit around and take photos all day. I mean why not nibble on a piece of bread whilst you wait. There is plenty to find at the beach if you just look. During this time of the year I find a few human things every week and now I have a nice little collection back home. One thing I don’t find though is those delicious pieces of bread and food that becomes so common during camera people time. But I tell you what, I am more than happy to have less tidbits to find in the sand if it means less of those blasted lenses are pointed in my face.”Β 

14 thoughts on “Birds of Agadir

  1. This is totally true! I’m a raver, thats actually how the idea for my nickname and blog started. I can’t say how often I see a sea of phones glaring at one of my favorite DJs and can’t wonder how they feel when their whole audience is watching their performance through their phones. Well written!

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