It has been a fun filled four days in Agadir but as we woke up this morning, the sound of the ocean was accompanied by the sound of rain. Which is to be expected,  it is their winter after all. However, it seems one thing Moroccan’s don’t expect is the cold of winter. 

Sunny Agadir – Quiet streets

The mornings and nights are filled with shivering cold hours of wearing as many layers as we can because central heating doesn’t exist in our hotel. That is definitely something to be grateful for and is another reason why,  despite the mountain of university work that awaits me, I am looking forward to getting home. It is – 1 in London but at least I will have ny radiator on. 

Travelling to this part of the world at this time of the year requires double packing. Summer clothes for the afternoons and winter clothes for once the sun sets. The cold hits almost immediately and if you aren’t dressed appropriately then you end up freezing.  

When Agadir decided to remind us of home

Last night,  I went on the moped to take photos of the stars. A story for another post but I was dressed in many many layers and yet, I was still cold. That is also why in preparation for the flight home,  I have put on almost half my suitcase. Of course it means that until the sunset, I am quite warm. 
Until Next Time

A Worried Student

6 thoughts on “Central Heating

  1. I am enjoying your winter vacation; it’s almost as good as being there. It is unseasonably warm, here: highs in the 60s and 70s. Currently, it is raining. I live in a very old house trailer that has a metal roof; when it rains, the sussurus lulls one to nap.

    “I have put on almost half of my suitcase.”

    You use language well. Keep it coming.

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