Lift Off

So here I am,  on the brink of my first holiday in a few years but what makes this all the more exciting and interesting is that it is an outing that is completely unsupervised. In 45 minutes we will have to wake up to get ready for the cab ride to London Gatwick. Yes,  like an excited little kid, there is no chance of me sleeping. 

What I mean by unsupervised is that there are no ‘adults’. No parents,  no youth leaders, just a bunch of university students heading off to Agadir,  Morocco. That may not seem like a big deal to many of you but for me it is. Firstly, holiday’s aren’t exactly a common occurrence in my world. I have been lucky enough to visit three countries in my short life but two of them have been whilst I was a small child. So the memories are hazy. 

The last trip I went on was also blogged about. A youth trip to Turkey and that is what makes this holiday the first unsupervised one .  Of course,  I am what you would call an adult now which is why my parents have reluctantly given the go ahead to let me spread my wings –  for four days. 

I would be interested to know,  when was your first parent free trip? They say these trips are often the most fun and memorable so tell me what memories you have of them. 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student 

10 thoughts on “Lift Off

  1. My first parent free holiday will also be this year! Heading to Thailand for a few weeks at the end of the year with my sister. Enjoy your time away, holidays are absolutely the best!

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