Have you ever met anyone famous? Despite living in London where you would think it is quite easy to bump into someone famous, I lived my teenage years without a celebrity sighting. Then, when I eventually got to meet a famous face, it turned out to be quite an interesting experience.

Heston Blumenthal.

Heard of him? Well to be honest, neither had I. So when my university TV club said we would be filming an entrepreneur event which would involve us getting interviews with the attendees, I just thought great, another opportunity to work on video skills.

After doing some research, I realised that the person I would be interviewing is actually quite a bigshot in the UK and international cooking world. having won two michelin stars and owning a number of restaurants. He is big on the connection between food and science and likes making the whole experience at his restaurant, a pleasure for all senses. So for example, as you enter or as you order a certain type of food, they would spray an accompanying smell to prepare and delight you, or so I am told. Of course, being a student who considers any meal deal over £3.30 a bit steep, I have yet to step foot in Heston’s famous restaurant, ‘The Fat Duck.’

So this opportunity that presented itself, to meet a famous celebrity, was something that at first didn’t excite me too much. What was the big deal? I would go in, film the interview and then go back to the studio and edit. Just another day at the office right?


It turned out that a member of our crew hadn’t turned up and so rather than film the interview, I would have to be the interviewer! So after psyching myself up, and going over the two little questions a dozen times, and after telling myself it didn’t matter that I was wearing braces, I finally worked up the courage to approach Heston in order to start the interview. Now funnily enough, we had been told that we would only have one minute to interview him because well, why would any celebrity want to talk for long to student television? Of course, I was still fretting about making sure I got the questions out right and all the rest of it.

Turns out, Heston and I are best buddies. We ended up having a good old chat for ten minutes on student food, food and science and how to best cook a gourmet burger. I told him about my mum’s cooking, he told me to get in the kitchen, I asked him what is a versatile student food and he said an egg. One thing he mentioned which I quite liked was that we have become slaves to recipes. This prevents creativity, exploration and new tastes from being discovered.

You can watch clips from my interview with Heston by clicking the links below:



Until Next Time

A Worried Student

9 thoughts on “Meeting a Famous Face

  1. I’d never heard of this guy either, but it seems like he has some cool insights! I’m definitely going to try to use more eggs in my food because now that I think of it, eggs are cheap, they have protein, and they taste good in lots of different types of recipes. Thanks for sharing your interview with us!

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