They glide like ghosts
In the morning mist
Exhaling their way through the streets
Creeping up on you
Catching you unaware

Spinning and weaving their magic
As they rattle your mind
It’s like you’re in a video game
And they, the reckless characters
Who seem to do with everything with such ease

But their bodies are real.
Solid, ย slender and cold.
Grasshopper clicks
As they breathlessly hurtle past,
You try to catch them

But they slip from your grasp
Each working day
And each working night
They crop up beside you
And even unexpectedly
On those glorious weekends

Bloody cyclists.

Thoughts: I am a keen cyclist and I don’t know how to drive, but with some of the behaviour we cyclists exhibit, I can imagine that this is what some drivers think about us.ย 

26 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. Interesting perspective. In my country, cycling is a sport and there have been efforts to reduce cars on the road to more use of public transport and cycling. Unfortunately, we still have a way to go since we’re not spatially arranged for safe cycling. Still, too many cyclists have lost their lives at the hands of gung-ho drivers.

    But I take your point and good play on keeping us guessing there!

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  2. I’m not a cyclist but wish I were…here in the USA it is quite dangerous to ride in most places…but then, I have to say, many cyclist don’t follow traffic laws. And to those, I do want to shake my finger and say: “bloody cyclist!”
    enjoyed the poem, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Exactly! Cycling could be so worthwhile for many reasons, but reckless riding sours drivers on sharing the road. Something similar happens with buses. If we could all work together better, our roads might be both safer and less crowded.

        FYI: typo – Who seem to do with everything with such ease [remove the ‘with’ before everything]


  3. I don’t mind sharing the road with cyclistsโ€”well, I wouldn’t if they didn’t consider themselves immune to all dangers. Driving means being aware for your own charges, driving anywhere near cyclists means being aware also on behalf of the blissfully ‘I am immune to all hazards‘ unaware. Near cyclists I have to drive for them as well as myself …

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