When I first setup this blog many years ago, back in the heady days of A-level English, History and Politics; it was mainly in response to my financial worries regarding university. I was part of the unlucky year. The first set of students to not receive the educational maintenance allowance and the first to have to pay the £9,000 tuition fees. It was not a good time for students in the UK, and the following years have also been quite bleak.

Now as I approach what will hopefully be the final semester of my time at university, one of the key milestones I am looking forward to reaching is the full payment of my tuition fees. It has been a tough three years, budgeting, working as a tutor, ‘temping’, getting lucky with sponsorship applications, oh and not to mention working towards my actual degree. Although, some of my extremely enlightened friends may -wrongly- argue that an English degree is relatively stress-free. 

Coming back to the topic of this blog, I remember walking around my college with little scraps of paper that had its URL written on it. My micro-marketing strategy involved recommissioning the snap frames on classroom doors and slotting the little piece of paper along the bottom of them. It seemed to work and since then, the topics I have discussed on my blog have diversified. This perhaps has a lot to do with developing interests and hobbies.

Spray paint art, journalism, photography, filming, video editing, cycling and of course, writing. Yes I haven’t really made it easier for myself since most of these are quite expensive hobbies to maintain. Over the past year or so, I took quite a big break from this blog, but I like to think I am back now, and hopefully to stay. 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

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14 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. “…Brevity is the soul of wit,” Shakespeare wrote,
    … [tedious] the limbs and outward flourishes,
    I will be brief. Your noble son is mad.”
    May I be bold to say,
    (:without making you mad:)
    words matter less than the idea and,
    good sense comes from few words,
    write shorter sentences .

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