Looking Back

When I first setup this blog many years ago, back in the heady days of A-level English, History and Politics; it was mainly in response to my financial worries regarding university. I was part of the unlucky year. The first set of students to not receive the educational maintenance allowance and the first to have…Read more Looking Back

To Uni,  Or not to Uni? 

As I stepped off the bus after an exhausting day at an assessment centre, I heard someone calling my name.  It was a former tutee's father and he began to discuss the current situation he was facing with his son. To uni,  or not to uni.  He was of the opinion that going to university…Read more To Uni,  Or not to Uni? 

My Grandmother’s Kitchen

My Grandmother’s Kitchen The numb stone floor thuds against my shoe As my fingers graze the stained wood-mix worktops. I can see Mum searching for plastic bags In the shed that I used to play in. Triumphant, she comes in clutching An array of cobalt, green and white. “We will be leaving soon,” she says,…Read more My Grandmother’s Kitchen