What happens when you wake up and find that your house has been flattened by an airstrike? Sitting in cloudy old London, these thoughts probably never enter our thoughts. Yet how fickle are our minds when barely a generation ago, Londoners were cowering in their shelters as planes rained havoc over their city. With this in mind I have written a short story called ‘After the Rubble‘ which tells the story of two brothers who wake up to find their home destroyed. How do they move on? How do they struggle on? Despite the situation they find themselves in, they are still children and so the story describes the journey towards the light at the end of the tunnel and all the feelings which they encounter along the way.Books.png

Read my short story (only 14 pages long) on Amazon to find out. You don’t need a Kindle, simply download the app on your phone or laptop and plus, you get free credit towards Amazon Video.

I hope you enjoy reading it and please leave a review on Amazon should you have any positive – or negative – observations.

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