Excuse the morbid sounding title. Although it is quite at the forefront of my and my fellow students’ minds since this is the time of year that we are all dragged into applying for those things called graduate schemes.  

However at the same time there are ither going ons at university. Being part of student clubs comes with its fair share of meetings to attend. Some unnecessarily long,  which results in late nights at university. 

From next week there is something called Charity Week where Islamic Societies across the UK and many other countries come together to raise as much money as possible for orphans in need. Events take place throughout the week: games,  challenges,  bake sales and a grand auction. It started off as a small idea but in recent years has grown into quite a phenomenon. Universities battling others to raise the most, students teasing other students, all things in which King’s College London comes out on top,  obviously.  Well that’s a lie.  We were beaten to the top spot last year by UCL (University College London) even though we raised £71,000 but hopefully this year will be different.  

In other news, the gym act has been going ok. I refrain from using the word great since I haven’t been going as much as I want to in recent days but progress is slowly and surely being made. The key thing I have learnt is to persist. Even if a few days go by where you stray from the healthy path,  it is ok, dust yourself off and try again. One of the key mistakes people seem to make is to think ‘Oh I have eaten a chocolate,  I may as well go ahead and eat the rest of the junk that I wanted to eat.’ Do you know what is the trickiest thing to navigate though?  When your mum has cooked something deliciously unhealthy and attempts to guilt trip you into eating it.  But no! Stay strong kids! (If you are a grown adult and living away from your parents then I guess you are ok). 

Finally, I have written a short story.  It is going to be available on Amazon and it fits the true criteria of a short story in today’s world: something that can be read in one sitting. With our decreasing attention spans,  this definition requires our short stories to also decrease in length. I expect you all to buy it on Amazon kindle when I post the link.  It will only be 99pence and hey, you get a free £1 Amazon Video credit in return! 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

4 thoughts on “Three Quarters of a Year away from Graduation 

  1. I apologise for the abrupt question. I think I remember a while back seeing something on your blog about student protests. I’m curious to contrast your protests with the chaos we had here. Did the students commit any arson or vandalism in your protests? Again sorry for asking out of the blue

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    • Hi! Thanks for your question. By ‘here’ where do you mean?
      The student protests that I have been to have all been very peaceful. In 2014, there was a little bit of trouble caused by a small minority but in the years that followed students have all been extremely well behaved.


      • By here I meant south africa. I wish it had gone as well as yours. Ours involved riots, vandalism assault and arson. Many many ppl were arrested and the entire academic community was forced to postpone their activities for a long time. Feel free to Google #feesmustfall. Its a ridiculous movement driven by populist opportunists in my opinion. I even wrote about on my other blog.

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      • Oh yes I remember reading about it before. I am not well informed on the politics of South Africa and its educational system so I can’t really comment but definitely, violence doesn’t really serve anyone’s interest.


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