9-5 life takes some getting used to. No longer can you stay up till late watching Narcos or Mr Robot on Netflix and instead your brain and body succumbs to sleep at far earlier times.
So yes, I thankfully did end up getting a summer job and I am currently five weeks deep into a seven week temp contract. Now, I have lived the 9-5 or even 9-7 life before but that was for work experience and at the most, for two weeks. That’s OK, those two weeks speed by like a 100m sprint but seven weeks is a marathon and gives you a true taste of what 9-5 life is. I am currently working at the rather fancy sounding Dental Information and Technology E-learning Hub at my university and the role involves creating resources such as videos and coursepacks for dental students. Although to be honest, I have only spent one week working on videos but they have promised they will be calling me in for video shooting during the year so that is something to look forward to! 

So working 9-5, how is it? Long but manageable, I would say. If I had to travel on the train every day then I would probably say it is draining, tiring and just pure torture. Thankfully, I’m a cyclist and this summer we have had glorious weather. The roads however, are very busy since the summer brings out all the casual cyclists, many of whom disobey all rules of the road and common decency, but that is a topic for another post. The days that it rained, it was quite funny to see the drastic reduction in the number of cycles at the traffic lights on Liverpool Street. Pah, lightweights. 

9-5 life leaves you lacking one main thing. Time. There’s less time for the gym, less time to spend with family and less time to relax. Gosh, I can’t even get a dentist appointment booked for during the day. As a student, we are spoilt by the countless hours of free time that we enjoy. We take it for granted until suddenly, out we pop into the real world and bam! 9-5. So what this job has also taught me is to make the most of the time I will have once university starts because come next year, I will -hopefully- be walking into my first graduate job.

P.S: Eid Mubarak! 

Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

2 thoughts on “Experiencing 9-5 Life 

  1. Fascinating read! Totally agree with you about one of the most challenging aspects of adapting to a new is the lack of time. I’m writing a blog about my experience on Erasmus and would love your input for a possible feature! Have you worked abroad?

    Emma | Fashion Photographer and Model | emmanmh.com

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