The First of September

Today is as good a day to make a comeback as any, I guess. The skies are a dismal grey, the grounds are a glistening black and the walls are wet, brown and dull.

 A typical post summer day in London then, which means for once I am looking forward to getting back to university in order the escape the monotonous dull routine of awakening, eating, drinking and sleeping. (With a few extra activities in between of course but when you have an elongated ‘summer’ break then every day blends into the other until you begin to lose track.)

In hindsight, I should have tried to get a summer job, even if it was for a couple of weeks but I thought I would let myself relax and that is exactly what I did. However, there is only so much relaxing a person can do before the brain searches for something to take its thoughts off lounging around and the seemingly never-ending rain. (As I type, Londoners have just been blessed with hailstones.)

It hasn’t been all bad though! There was a good stretch of weather and activity, bike riding and spray painting became the order of the day. I held a spray paint class in the local community centre which was quite fun. I practised my bike run to uni a few more times but it seems I will need to invest in a rain proof cycle jacket if I expect to ride to uni every day! Then of course there is the small matter of reading in preparation for the coming year. I would like to declare that I have done quite well this year, or at least far better than last summer. Now that the second year looms, with its heavy load of coursework as well as the fact that it actually counts towards your degree, I expect people in my classes to be taking the set reading more seriously. I mean in the first year there was a general sense of lackadaisical lethargy but maybe that had something to do with the compulsory ancient literature modules that we had to endure.

Until Next Time 

A Worried Student


The Calm Before The Storm


In Action!

4 thoughts on “The First of September

  1. Ha! Another Londoner! 😁

    I’ve always commented on my Twitter to all my wonderful followers who vlog from there that I pity the Londoners. You know, any episodes of Top Gear that I watch, Clarkson, Hammond or May seem to be reviewing a car or dropping a piano over a Morris Marina in pouring rain.

    I really do pity you guys. But then, on the other hand, I do love the British so much! I guess, that’s primarily because Enid Blyton was the first author I ever started reading and her quintessential English villages painted a beautiful picture of England country sides in my mind. In fact, if anyone were to attend the word countryside, I immediately picture Mr. Goon’s village! 😂

    Anyway, I take it you’re doing literature? How’s the course like?

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