I Don’t Want To Get Bored Of Reading

Well Hello!

As a university student, not becoming lost in the overwhelming reading lists is a constant challenge. Then ontop of all that, maintaining your personal love for reading is even more challenging. So when TopUniversities.com asked me to write a blog post for them, I knew what I should write about.

Check out my post here: http://www.topuniversities.com/blog/how-keep-your-love-reading

This year, I have already begun my reading for next year. Which meant for the first time ever, I spent a lot of money on buying some books online. Well I say a lot, it was £30 but for a person who usually gets every book from the library, it certainly felt like a lot! I guess it has made me appreciate the fact that growing up, I had great libraries within walking distances.

Coming up next, posts about the latest things I have been reading!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

9 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Get Bored Of Reading

  1. Hi there,
    Now that AS Exams have finished, I was actually considering doing some reading but couldn’t make up my mind. Actually, I’m told by everyone that I should read this book – Why Chemical Reactions Happen – which is very difficult to understand and very expensive (for me). After reading your blog, I think I should just stick to simple material that actually makes sense, right?
    Thanks a lot for sharing! Very very helpful!
    Btw, I also love reading a lot! 😃

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    • Yes in terms of leisure, stick to what you like best! If of course you need to read it for next year’s studies then give it a go.

      The fact is our brains need to get used to reading after a long time of not. So building up your reading with a easier to grapple book may one day make it simpler to tackle thedifficult ones.

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      • You’re right. I might give it a go next year after finishing A2. Also, then I’ll have more knowledge so perhaps things will make sense more! Cheers!

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