So Ramadhan Has Begun…

We are currently into the third fast of Ramadhan in the UK. Now now, hold in that gasp of wonder at the millions of people who are fasting from sunrise to sunset because in actual fact, it is not so difficult. Every year before Ramadhan approaches, the process is the same. We talk about how long the fasts are going to be and how we are going to cope but come the first day, the words on everyone’s lips are ‘oh it was easy.’ Even this year with Ramadhan falling in June, the people who have work or school are coping quite well.Β 

Luckily for me, the holidays have already begun so I am able to relax at home for most of the week except for when I am working. The routine is quite relaxed as you get plenty of sleep! After the pre-dawn meal which finishes around 1:17am, it is time for the morning prayer before heading off to bed. That means that unlike previous years where the pre-dawn meal timing was later, those who have to get up for work get a decent amount of sleep. For those who don’t have work then they can look forward to waking up at 12 or 1 in the afternoon, although most of the time that is too much sleep for me!

One of the biggest topics in Ramadhan is of course food. I find it funny how before Ramadhan, there is a lot of talk about how you should have a healthy pre-dawn meal and how when you break your fast, you should avoid all the savouries. All that is flung head over heels out of the window when it comes to the first day. The excuse? Oh it is only the first fast, give me a break! Which then becomes a trend for the whole month. You would think whilst being a month to build on spirituality, it could also be an opportunity to lose weight but for some, that is certainly not the case.

The Asian tradition has always been to prepare a lot of savoury type foods which are basically termed ‘fries.’ Samosas, spring rolls, fritters and many other items are ‘lovingly’ made beforehand and each year my mum declares that she will not make as many. However, we all know what happens. ‘I’ll just make one more thing!’

Until Next TimeΒ 

A Worried Student

14 thoughts on “So Ramadhan Has Begun…

  1. #<3AWS'sMum – "one more thing" is always a good idea.
    Your post surprised me. As in, I'm amazed at how you say it's easy!! And ah, don't you find it easier when you've got something to do during the day, to pass the time? (I thought maths would work but I'm failing terribly.)
    P.S Hehehe I've never eaten fruit or anything "healthy" at night. Always the savoury stuff. Interestingly enough, each year I always lose weight. Perhaps it's because I keep doing sport.

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    • It is not a good idea when the parental units are always going on about how they need to lose weight πŸ˜›
      Well I just don’t feel hungry normally but I also know people who find all fasts hard, even in the winter months!
      Yes I still keep busy whilst I am at home, reading, learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and other such activities.

      No healthy food yet you do sport! πŸ˜›

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      • “Parental units” XD
        Well. I’m healthy in the morning – I eat a lot of fruit – but in the evening that mentality is just..gone.
        And my question to you would be, don’t you cycle everywhere? (Thirst?!)

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    • She says it for two reasons: to give her less work and to eat more healthily. Both reasons do not give her enough motivation it seems!

      Actually I prefer the earlier time becausw it means I can sleep earlier. Now if you were opening your fast an hour early then yes, I’d be very jealous πŸ˜›

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      • Haha yeah to be fair everyone wants good, unhealthy food especially while fasting….
        fair enough, although I do sleep in most days, but it has completely messed my sleeping pattern.

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  2. We have a small group of friends and we’ve made it a tradition to go to iHop for lunch every couple of weeks, but since one of us is Muslim and is fasting for Ramadan (not me), we can’t do it during the day, so we’ve got a plan to all go at like 2 a.m. sometime if we can get all our parental units on board. She got her mom to say yes, which was the tough one. Anyway, Ramadan Mubarak πŸ™‚

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