My Room, My Rules!

Normally I am quite a mellow (and odd) person, shouting requires far too much effort so it is easier to remain calm. Although, the year seven students I have been teaching recently have certainly attempted to test my patience! So when it came to moving back into my room, I wanted to do something that matched me, cool and slightly crazy!

Artificial Grass. Yes, that’s right. What? Oh come on now don’t overwhelm me with your wild protests of ‘that is stupid!’ Or ‘You don’t even have flooring in your room!’ It all began when my aunt installed fake grass in her garde and a leftover piece was put in my cousin’s room. Now whilst she used it as a play mat for all her dolls, Lego and such things, I instantly fell in love with the idea of creating a ‘chill out’ space in my room using artificial grass.

Normally, crazy instant ideas turn out to be just that. However, slowly thinking about it, I realised it could turn out to be pretty cool! Of course, I had to get the idea approved by the parental units. “Its your room Siraj!” They like to shout when it comes to cleaning but “Its my house!” When it comes to arguments about room decoration. Then there were my brothers who rubbished the mere thought of the idea. The only one who was happy with it was of course the little one who shares the room with me who engaged in emotional arguments with the other two about the plan’s merits. 

“Shh, just let them wait and see,” I told him.

To be honest even I was a little sceptical. Searches on the Google revealed no examples of anyone having artificial grass in a carpeted room. I let the idea swim around for a week or so before deciding to just go ahead with the plan. 

The grass arrived and I laid it out eagerly. The plan was to cut one side to make a curve but little did I know it was going to be so tough to cut! The end result was this: DSC_0581

The feeling of walking on grass, lying on it, relaxing on it, those awesome feelings could now be experienced in the comfort of my own room. Without the worry of ensuring a dog hasn’t left you a surprise as you plonk yourself down. 

So it looked amazingly cool! Right? Well I think it did and then with the addition of a few more pillows, it now looks even better (and more comfy!) 


So that is my first-and last- home décor post! The lesson to learn is if you have a creative idea that no one else likes but you know it would really work, then just go ahead with it! Keep yourself happy, not the people who are going to visit your house for one day in the whole month or year. 

There is one bad side-effect though: the brothers who claimed it was a bad idea are now often found lounging on my grass. Yes, MY grass. I remember visiting Oxford University and we were warned by signs and guides to keep off the lovely trimmed turf.

Well, now I have my own patch to take care of. However you, dear WordPress dude, are welcome to sit on it whenever you want.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

18 thoughts on “My Room, My Rules!

    • Please do and let me know if you decide to go with it! There are different types of grass to choose from and different websites have different quality products so be sure to order some samples first. There is a better way to do this though, instead of having it as a rug, you could basically merge it with the carpet. That of course means it will be a permanent fixing which can be a good or a bad thing. (mostly good if you ask me !)

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  1. This was unexpected. Brilliant, nonetheless. You could do like, mini-golf.
    (And sorry, but I must comment on the matching bedding. It’s great. My sister and I have it too (not the same, but as in, we have matching too).)

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  2. That’s awesome! Your room looks wonderful and the idea is so quirky! Just goes to show that customizing your room to suit you is a really interesting project of its own. If we put thought into it, our space can really reflect us.

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  3. I never understood the “don’t walk on the grass” thing. Grass is for walking on not to be put on display only! Something’s wrong with this world 😁 Have fun with your grass. Hope it’s greener than the grass in oxford’s lawns 😊

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