Back To The Digital World

Well I have found two long lost friends in recent weeks. The first being my bedroom, a period of separation lasting six months, not because I was living at university or something fun like that but because the ceiling had fallen in. The second and more recent one was my dear old laptop which had undergone a serious illness called Broken Hingeititus. It has till not fully recovered and will be crippled for the rest of its life. A spattering of plastic mould should however keep it going. 

The recovery of my laptop is the reason why you are now hearing from me. I am not going to even check when my last post was because it would be too painful. For some reason, typing on the phone does not do it for me any more which is why I was waiting for my dear friend to get back from the Private Laptop Hospital-which was grossly expensive. I can still feel the hole in my pocket after shelling out £55 for a teeny tiny problem that had enormous structural consequences for my friend. 

You will be hearing more from me now that I have my room and my laptop back so stay tuned!

Until Next Time 

A Worried Student

7 thoughts on “Back To The Digital World

  1. Yea! I’m so glad that you haven’t given up on blogging. I also agree about our phones being really inconvenient to use for blogging. My fingers regularly hit the incorrect keys. Give me a standard keyboard any day! Anyhow, welcome back.

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    • Nope blogging is still very much a part of me!
      Funnily enough, I used to prefer the phone but perhaps that was because I found it easier whilst travelling. Now that it is summer, I get quite sick of looking at the phone all the time!
      Thanks 😀

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