Summer Of Art

Indeed I have been away for quite a while but it has more to do with wallowing in sadness about my dear broken laptop than being busy. Yes, my merely seven month old laptop’s hinges decided to break but when I explained to Dell that they seemed loose from the beginning, they obviously did not believe me. It is annoying when you buy something for £500 then realise you have to spend more money on it.

A bit like cars, poor car owners. Insurance, repair costs and petrol!

However, I may not have been utterly busy but I have been spending quite a lot of time in the graden spray painting. It has been going  well and the weather has been good on most days. The other day I taught my little brother how to do some spray paint art and now he wants to go out everytime I do. Which leaves me thinking perhaps it was a bad move since he will be using my spray paint stock!

The drama with my laptop had me considering all sorts of crazy ideas. Such as shelling out on a replacement one in the form of a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which look amazingly cool and are awesome for students. Unfortunately, they are terribly priced so I will have to keep that dream in the cupboard for now.

Hope you enjoy the photos of the paintings I have done, let me know which is your favourite and which you’d consider buying if you just so happened to live in my area.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

17 thoughts on “Summer Of Art

  1. Though he will turn to you for supplies it is rather lovely that you’ve sparked an interest in your brother. My sister’s been obsessed with sticking things to other things lately but I’ve failed to engage in helping her along a bit/showing enthusiasm.
    So good on you!

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  2. I really like the last photo, the one with the pink color in it. They’re all beautiful though 🙂

    Also, I am far too familiar with new laptop woes. I actually bought insurance on my new mac when I bought it so that they would replace it entirely at no cost to me if it broke any time in the next few years. Perhaps if you get a new computer, you can look into something like that for a little peace of mind.

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  3. Great painting! I love the yellowish brown one with two trees and river in the middle I believe. I’m sorry about your laptop and I can understand how you might currently be feeling as this happened with me a while ago. Good luck! 😀 and once again, great spray painting. After your blog, I’ve been inspired a lot and will start painting in two weeks when my AS Level exams finish! Cheers!

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