Romeo and Satan

I’ve realised that my blog has taken a slightly autobiographical turn recently, turning into an update journal rather than a platform for interesting articles or even fun fiction.

So let’s talk about Romeo and Satan. What do these two things have in common? Well apart from the fact some may dismiss Romeo as Satan (I mean preying on a 13 year old girl like that!) there is another connection between the two in my life. Tomorrow they will both be making an appearance in my final exam of the year. Although I am not too worried about the exams as it is only my first year, there is always that niggling doubt until you actually get them done. I mean, what if they just forget to give us a question on Romeo and Juliet and I have to answer a question on Phillip Sidney’s Poetry instead?

So Romeo, I remember studying this text in school and it has always struck me that Romeo is quite a fickle guy. It is always presented as a great love story but I mean, really? Consider the fact that he was pining away for pretty Rosaline throughout the night and crafting poetry in his melancholic mood but come the evening, he was declaring his love for a girl he’d just met at a party. You can almost imagine that if he had lost Juliet, he would have spent a few days moping around before running off to find another girl.

Rather than being about love then, Romeo and Juliet is an intensely sexual play. There is a great emphasis on the body. Romeo wants Juliet and Juliet wants to give herself away to him. I mean some of the words they use are not even suitable for this blog! When Romeo first lays eyes on Juliet, his eyes are drawn to her beauty and that is what he seems to fall in love with. There is no talk about favourite colours or favourite sports, they just kiss and fall utterly in love. Quite unrealistic. 

For many readers, Juliet is a hero but is she truly mature or just taken in by the fact Romeo is the first person to declare he likes her?  To me, there is a suggestion that her desire to first kiss Romeo is driven by the fact her mother had just asked her in the morning about her potential marriage. Perhaps she was simply rebelling against authority by kissing Romeo. However, Juliet is not as rebellious or a challenge to the patriarchal society that she is often made out to be because instead of standing up to her father, she seeks to deceive him. If Romeo and Juliet had not died, would they have declared their relationship from the rooftops or would Juliet have still been forced to marry Paris? Therefore, the way they die is something that isn’t really worth celebrating. Rather than having to die to bring the two warring families together, they could have attempted to unite them through their open marriage. 

This does not mean that I dislike the play. It is a tragic and emotional one but perhaps there are many misconceptions about it because it has been glamourised through films and other forms. It is still a great story, just perhaps not one to celebrate. 

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

14 thoughts on “Romeo and Satan

  1. I always thought that if Romeo & Juliet got married, they would end up as one of those couples who hate each other after about a year. Juliet would have affairs….Romeo would start drinking….you know, the usual stuff. 🙂

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  2. Their relationship grew much, much too fast. I haven’t studied the play in great depth, but for me it glorrifies “love at first sight” and people expect to have that fairytale romance – sans the dying, I mean”

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  3. To me it just totally showed how very young they BOTH were… and it was what is called infatuation… and yes probably lust. I always thought they were both obviously way too young and immature to have the feelings they did, and so thus they made grave and drastic impulsive decisions… a comment on how quickly everything occured. Nice post! 😉

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    • Yeah I guess there is a dilemma about how quickly they seemed to fall in love and their age. You could argue that had they taken a while to develop these intense feelings, thus given them time to think things through, they would not have ended up dead in a tomb!


  4. I’ve always sensed a slight cynicism in the story. Much like 14 year olds in the throes of puppy love, they were hit by this emotional turmoil and made dumb mistakes in the process because they were naïve. Actually, I’ll just say they were /stupid/ because they thought they knew better (the friar is equally culpable in this since he didn’t bother advising them and, in fact, encouraged the stupidity). In that light the story seems to be a message to young folks: “These kids were idiots and died as a result.” It could almost be a PSA.

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