Congratulations to Wisegrannie for winning the 3000 Followers competition! Well actually hold up a minute people, there was actually a dismal turnout and it made me feel like one of the politician’s in the election campaign. Attempts to garner a response simply failed. Of course those of you who aren’t from the UK are excused and you played your part by hitting ‘like’ but UK bloggers, disappointed. (Shakes head sorrowfully.)

Anyway! Let’s not let that distract us from the amazing Wisegrannie who won the competition. Your prize as promised shall be an A3 sized piece of art on 300gsm card. You may choose your design from the ones posted or request a new piece with a combination of your favourite elements/colours.

wpid-wp-1428410630979.jpg wpid-wp-1428410733266.jpeg wpid-wp-1428410605413.jpeg wpid-wp-1428410593724.jpeg wpid-wp-1428410578490.jpeg wpid-dsc_0774.jpg

Alternatively, if you prefer a canvas piece then you can receive this one for an extremely discounted price of £10 (postage included)


Until Next Time,

A Worried Student

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