Revenge Is Best Served….Printed?

The house has been in need of a printer for a few months now after the fairly recently purchased one went bust. I swear they seem to make purposely make them as fragile as a bird’s skeleton. So I decided to surprise the family by buying one which I had found online and it came today morning.

I hid the box (wrapped it in a blanket and relegated it to the back of the wardrobe) until both parents were free. Finally the time for the great unveiling occurred and with a flourish I revealed the new printer! They were surprised and pleased so off I went feeling quite happy.

Now what happened afterwards is why I have narrated this tale, not for some self-glorification nonsense. A couple hours after, my mum asked me how much it cost and where I had bought it from. Then, in a quiet little voice she said: when I saw it covered up, I thought it was a juicer.

Bam! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. My immediate reaction was aww! Then I realised that I had flipped the table. The parent had not received the surprise she’d wanted. I had got revenge for the times where I had hoped for a certain present only to receive something entirely different. Except there’s one problem, I can’t remember ever feeling that. No not because I am a spoilt brat! But because as a kid, I loved toys so any sort would do. Although my aunt doesn’t let me forget the time I told her that the cars she had bought my little brother weren’t hot wheels.

Anyway, this means that on behalf of all the children out there, I have gotten revenge on the parental species. So if you’ve ever experienced something similar then you can sleep well tonight knowing your honour has been regained.

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

10 thoughts on “Revenge Is Best Served….Printed?

  1. Oh you did not XD
    Right, Team Mum-of-Worried-Student! (I’m sorry, I simply have to take her side.) Awwww. I know printers are great – how else would I get pristine looking formulae with the xs looking algebraic? – but juicers!
    They give life; they give juice.

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