What’s brought on all this spray painting malarkey?


Hey it’s not malarkey. Malarkey means meaningless nonsense and I would appreciate it if you do not call my work that. To answer your question, I can’t actually remember what has brought this all on. A year or two ago, I think I stumbled upon a cool video on YouTube showing spray paint art and at the same time my wooden desk was looking quite old so put two and two together and hey presto! You get a spray painted desk.


Isn’t spray painting illegal?


I can tell that you are probably British. We tend to associate spray painting with vandalism but many other countries see it as an expression of art. In the US it is quite popular. Spray paint art and the spray painting you have in mind are quite different as spray paint art focusses on creating pieces on a smaller scale using tools to make stunning looking things. However, I think every spray paint artist probably wants to do a large mural style piece but the only problem is there is nowhere to practise so instead we use canvases or other such materials.


Was my first attempt at it all. I was quite pleased with it back then but now I think this definitely could be improved!


Is spray paint art even art?


Now that is a question which many people who are submerged in the world of art have struggled to answer. Some dismiss it as rubbish whilst others are quite enthusiastic about it. My own opinion is that in the world of art, I have seen much less ‘artsy’ or beautiful things being called art like random squiggles or paint dots so I am certain that you can definitely call spray paint a form of art. Like all art forms, mastering it requires a lot of effort, dedication and oh yes, spray paint cans.


Even this many isn’t enough, yet they are pricey 😦


Why are you dabbling in it?


Well because I enjoy it. I quite like how it feels to experiment with the different techniques and scenes. When I did the work on my desk, I didn’t really do much afterwards but my interest has been sparked again recently so I ordered a box of cans, did some research and gave it a go!


Early attempts, progress being made despite the weird palm tree and bubbly rocks.


How have you found the experience?


It’s been hugely entertaining but challenging. Doing something new is difficult in the first place but when you have family members breathing down your neck questioning why each thing isn’t perfect then it becomes a whole lot more difficult! My dad is the funniest one when it comes to this since his ancient interest in art means he looks on in bemused wonder at what I do and likes to criticise anything he feels needs criticising. I look forward to every weekend now since it means opportunities to practise some more.

DSC_0384 (1)

Tried out a new style, didn’t think this one was good but people seem to like it a lot.


What do you intend to do with your finished pieces?DSC_0325


Well there are certain styles that I have become quite good at and I intend to sell them but my main concern at the moment is improving overall. However since I can also write in graffiti style, I have added a new dimension to them by offering them as personalised art. Some of these I have given as presents to the students I teach (I work as a private English tutor) and they seem to love them which is great. Normally when I say if you be good, you will get a present then their response is what present? Chocolates? So it is fun to be able to surprise them in this way.


Are there any rules to spray paint art?


Not really although some do like to insist on there being no traditional art tools used. Merely spray paint, magazine sheets, sponges, foam brushes and other unorthodox tools .


Future plans?DSC_0318


To do as much spray painting as possible! Definitely looking forward to the summer when I can be free from university work and the weather is nice enough for the garden to be my studio. If you want a new hobby, you should definitely consider this!

image image image image image


Ask your own questions below and if you are in the UK and interested in buying any pieces at low prices then contact me at: sirajp.art@gmail.com



Until Next Time


A Worried Student/Artist 😉 {Artist’s worry: paying for supplies}

12 thoughts on “Interviewing The Artist

  1. I just shared a video of this type of process with my students on Friday. Do you mind if I share your blog post with them later this week? Love that you are exploring possibilities through art…

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  2. Wow, someone younger than me that knows the word Malarkey! I hadn’t heard that word for awhile. Your paintings a good and if you like it, do it. I have seen things too that is supposed to be art. And all I can say is :Oookkaay? Yours looks like art to me. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, first, thanks for liking a post on my blog.
    second, I can honestly say that you have inspired me today. I’ve always wanted to try out spray painting but never had the guts. Mostly, im scared I’ll muck it up and be horrible at it. So I’m really glad I stumbled upon this. I’ve got this plain box that I collected from my parent’s throwaway pile(I’m an obsessive packrat). I don’t know what I’ll use it for but i think i might start with colouring it. Tnx so much.
    oh. And ur work z really good so please keep at it.

    Liked by 1 person

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