You know those moments when you are awaiting a delivery, you know it is coming today yet you still keep on looking out of the window? You still keep on clicking track my parcel despite knowing there will not be any further updates. You feel annoyed that this particular courier does not have live GPS tracking and you wish you could be told which hour of the day your parcel will be delivered. 

This obviously happens when the parcel is something you are really looking forward to. I mean you aren’t going to be waiting with bated breath for something like a fish tank. Unless of course, your fish are stuck in a water-filled plastic bag, desperately desiring a new home in which case, they will be the ones breathlessly waiting. The parcel I was looking forward to was this: 


My spray paint order! As mentioned previously, the amazing kindness of a fellow blogger and artist allowed me to purchase these materials: 


Call me weird but sometimes it feels cool to just look at them all neatly stood up next to each other. Happily gazing at them before they are used. My mum will perhaps tell you that is the only time I am neat. (According to her!) The only reason she did not flip out when she saw them was that I had already told her of my plan to store them under my bed. Speaking of which, that can only happen when I am able to finally move into my redecorated room. First hurdle: New carpet. 

DSC_0739 DSC_0741

Excuse the unsightly ancient ladder folks but do the walls look good? So that’s the room that awaits me when a new carpet is finally installed. (The old one was attacked by the ceiling falling in after persistent leaking.)

Until Next Time 

A Worried Student

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