Being Invited To Write

Last week, I received an email inviting me to contribute to an online blog for a website about universities. The first thing we bloggers think when we get an email like that is oh not more spam! Not more SEO optimisation nonsense! However, I decided to check out the website and to my surprise I realised that hey hang about, this email could actually be genuine.


So I tentatively replied, asking for more details and browsed their website. I slowly beganDSC_0207 to accept the fact that it was a real offer which was when I began to get a little excited. It isn’t everyday that you get offered a chance to contribute to a student blog but what was in it for me? Of course, there was no money involved but I get the opportunity to link back to my blog which could turn out to be quite a nice thing. I shall have to wait and see how much traffic my post generates for them and whether people decide to click on the picture of me smiling next to a seagull in Istanbul. If you are reading this after doing just that, welcome! I am back in London now of course but the seagull may still be chilling out over the Bosporus Sea.


Now a conflict which occurs when writing for another blog is wondering what type of audience I will be addressing and whether my writing style fits the conventions of that website. On this blog, I vary between formal and informal depending on the subject matter so what tone should I adopt for their post? I decided to go ahead and just be my usual self, I pretended as though I was writing the post for my own blog and I think it turned out ok. Another conflict is the battle for blog ideas. If I were to write more posts for them, then that would mean sacrificing a post idea that would have been used for my own blog but this is not a major issue since university topics are not the mainstay of my own blog at the moment. So let’s see how it goes. Perhaps I can persuade them to hire me as a permanent blogger? Don’t worry, I will not leave you lovely people!


Until Next Time


A Worried Student

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