Currently, I am looking forward to the summer break so that I can spend my time dabbling in the arts even more rather than simply waiting for the weekend. The weekend is not a good time to wait for spray painting because a lot can be going on. Visiting family, cleaning, more cleaning, going out and oh, enjoying a lie in. This all means that there is a very small window for me to get into the garden and practise my spray paint art. Throw in mum who likes to add two extra jobs to the chores list every time I mention I am going in the garden as well as a dad who complains passionately about the smell of paint thinner after I have cleaned up; life as an art student becomes difficult in the weekends.

That is why I am looking forward to the summer where I should be able to work peacefully without worrying about the wind everything all over the place. However, I will still have to contend with my mother so there is that. The OTHER thing I will have to contend with is my budget. Spray paints are not cheap and although I get mine from, they still are quite pricey (if you want to be my best friend then you could buy me some gift vouchers) and because of my student budget, it can be difficult. On one hand, I think I am doing quite well so far as I am a third way through saving up for next year’s fees but the annoying thing is wondering whether I am free to indulge in ordering more spray cans. I don’t want next year’s fees deadline to arrive and for me to be £150 short! (Price of 50 spray paint cans.)

On the other hand, there is that voice that I could easily give in to which says ‘hey just wait until you finish university before doing all this spray painting malarkey.’ That voice is boring, boring and boring so let’s chuck that one out of the window. Instead, what I ideally need are orders for canvases. I did one the other day for a customer but one order every month isn’t going to cut it.

Sorry for the slightly bad photo, I would take another but it has now been delivered..

Sorry for the slightly bad photo, I would take another but it has now been delivered..

The  challenge is persuading friends and family to buy one as sadly, most of them aren’t really interested in art. (Or perhaps you!) So the formula is: Time + Money + Environment + Weather = spray paint happiness!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

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