Well yesterday wqs a bit of an anti-climax hasn’t it? First solar eclipse since 1999, make sure you don’t stare at the sun directly, make sure you capture the amazing moment; all these headlines were shouted out in the days preceding the ‘great ‘event.’ Yet, what happened in London yesterday? Absolutely nothing abnormal! Clouds filled the sky as usual and not an inch of blue could be seen anywhere. 8:30: Ok hopefully these clouds break by 9:30 but 9:30 came and went with no sign of the clouds breaking and no sign of the sun.

The sky looked like this:


Three hours later the sky looked like this :


Oh well, guess I have to wait another dozen or so years to experience this amazing anti-climax again!

Until Next Time

A Worried Student

21 thoughts on “Awesome Anti-Climax

  1. Oh now that is unfortunate. Where I was, there were clear skies so whoever could flock to the field did, but then many were stuck in lessons..so..

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      • I feel incredibly mean by saying this…but it was SO COOL. I had a study period so I went out with some goggles on and it was epic. As you know, you’re not supposed to look at the sun, but ahhhhh like, you know how it’s one of those things where if someone tells you not to do something it makes you want to do it even more? A few friends and I were squealing and laughing because we accidentally looked a few times. Very very bad indeed!

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      • Oh its OK I was just searching for the sun from every window in my house 😛
        Haha yes that is something I was interested about because there were so many warnings yet I couldn’t help wondering, would it really be that dangerous??

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      • Haha XD awww well the next one is only about, uhh *whispers* fifteen or so years from now. It might jump the queue for us Brits here.
        Well I suppose it would be. Since it is quite THE phenomenon I think it best to issue bags and bags of warnings because there are going to be people who would probably look it for prolonged lengths of time. It’s the hype. That’s what it is.

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  2. I’ve seen a couple and yes, I did follow directions like using a piece of cardboard with a pin hole in it. When I looked without using the cardboard, my eyes really reacted and I quickly shut them. It’s so cool seeing Creation’s resulting show. I’m sorry that you missed this opportunity.

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  3. Yup. Nothing in Northern England. Never seen one before, either. Can’t believe the next one is in 2026…

    Well, if I win the lottery, I’m off to see the next total solar eclipse in Indonesia next year.

    If I don’t win the lottery by that point, then hopefully I’ll win it thereafter but before the next one in America in 2017.

    If I haven’t won the lottery by then, I’m gonna give up praying because it clearly aint working…

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